Inspire * Imagine * Create



A WOW is a Wonderful Object of Wonder carefully chosen by a teacher to inspire, enthrall, and catch the sustained attention of their students.

A great WOW is something…

  • Real
  • Three-dimensional
  • Physically experienced
  • Open-ended
  • Novel
  • Based on child’s interests and needs
  • Ever-changing
  • Often something at a distance to help develop long distance vision

Some examples:

  • Night sky
  • Day sky
  • Clouds
  • Birds
  • Trees
  • Rain
  • Sun & Shadows
  • Grass
  • Pavement
  • Water
  • A animal such as a mouse or a snake
  • A bug such as a cricket or a tarantula
  • A city street
  • A field
  • A fish tank
  • A garden
  • A bridge
  • A road
  • A store



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